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Sherfy Garden
Week 8

The next and last time I went to the Sherfy Garden was on November 15th. I have to say that this was one of my favorite times. Who knew I would have enjoyed harvesting pea plants as much as I did. So, pretty much, I had to wipe all of the pea plant vines from the metal cages it was growing on. After I got the vines off of the cages, I had to pick the individual beans and put them in a basket. This day was extremely freezing, and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, but I got the job done. In the end, I picked enough beans to fill up four large baskets worth. Then we went and checked on the brussels sprouts. These sprouts were still not ready to harvest, and probably will not be this entire season. This is a shame because since they were planted, they took up soil that we could have used on plants that actually gave us produce. I guess this was a good learning experience though, and will lead to a successful future in knowing what NOT to grow. We then left and took the... (more)


Ah yes.. 10 more days before I'm officially 29 yrs old.. Haha~! Nak step muda jer si Yana ni.. Smlm Lostarz nyer last live.. Sedih lah.. Kiter sumer da fwen-fwen dlm BIGO ni.. Haish.. Wish you the best in your endeavours, Lostarz.. Hope to hear from you soon.. Yana tkde plans for my bday since it falls on a Sunday... Maybe have to ikot my mum go jemputan if my dad have to work.. Bley la tu.. Haha~! Smlm my Safety Officer antar email regarding the increase of motorcycle accidents with heavy vehicles.. So korg2 kat luar tu yg naik motor, please be alert of your surroundings.. Mmg betul ajal di tangan Allah swt. Tapi just be careful ok? Yana got nothing else to report.. So Yana end my entry kat sini.. Ciaoz..

the lord's favor
"Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!" (Luke 1:28b). Read Luke 1:26-28. One of the most coveted roles among the girls in our Sunday school Christmas program was the Virgin Mary. Her big moment was when she gently wrapped a baby doll in cloths and laid him in the manger. But another sought-after part was the angel Gabriel. Since that required memorizing a larger part, it usually was given to an older student. The angel Gabriel had already brought some great messages to Daniel and Zechariah, but nothing could compare with the message God entrusts to him now. He goes out from the presence of God to a city in the northern region of Galilee called Nazareth. There he appears to a virgin who is betrothed to a man named Joseph. Her name is Mary. Gabriel greets her with reassuring words, "Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!" But what is so special about Mary? Why has God chosen her for this singular honor above all... (more)

kosun machinery
98% &
peanut shell extract

1. English Name : Peanut Extract 2. Latin Name : Arachis hypogaea L 3. Active Ingredient : Luteolin 4. Specification : 98% 5. Plant of Extract : Shell 6. Appearance : Yellow Needle Powder 7. CAS No. : 491-70-3 8. Test Method : HPLC 9. Molecular Formula : C15H10O6 10. Molecular Weight : 286.24 Product Advantages: a.100% natural flavonoid. b.Potent hypoglycemic agent c.Strong anti-microbical potency in food. d.Antiviral potency. e.Potent Antioxidant f.Eye protection Description : Peanut Shell Extract Luteolin is a naturally occurring molecule known as bioflavonoid, often found in foods including parsley, artichoke leaves, celery, peppers, olive oil, rosemary, lemons, peppermint, sage, thyme, and many others. Luteolin is thought to play an important role in the human body as an antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, an agent in the prevention of inflammation, a promoter of carbohydrate metabolism, and an immune system modulator Main Functions : 1.Luteolin... (more)

Nuestros hijos
tion also increases stair

Ibutamoren Enhances Physique Contour MK 677 is understood to increase growth hormone levels and metabolism. It controls the detrimental effects of insulin on human body makeup. This assists it reduce fat storage and increase thinness. MK-677 inverts sell diet-activated nitrogen wasting and encourages appropriate nitrogen balance in the body. MK-677 was originally developed to combat conditions like muscle losing, obesity. Instead of lowering fat storage immediately, MK 677 raises calorie deposition to the muscle (rather of fat) and reduces appetite. Mk 677 raises igf 1 levels by about 39-89%, which enhances skin that is loose, and in turn increases muscle size. Ibutamoren Raises Bone Strength MK 677 helps prevent hip fractures in elderly individuals. In mature adults (65 to 8-4 years outdated) who are healthy but prone to functional decline, ibutamoren reveals the effect of raising muscles and physical performance. Supplementation also increases stairway-hiking... (more)

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